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(CIA) Director Allen Dulles, speech to US Congress in 1945.

The war will be over. Everything will be settled down and put in order. We shall spend everything we have (all gold, all economic power and resources) on duping and fooling people. Human brains and conscience can be changed. Having wreaked havoc there, we will insensibly replace people’s values with false ones... We will find like-minded people—allies and supporters—in Russia itself. [This is] grand tragedy of ruining the most disobedient people on earth with the final extinction of their conscience happening episode by episode.

We shall gradually exterminate the social substance in literature and art, we shall discourage artists from portraying and, so to say, analyzing the processes happening in the depths of the masses. Literature, theatre, the cinema—everything will depict and glorify the basest human feelings. In every way we shall support so-called artists who will disseminate and implant into the conscience the cults of sex, violence, sadism and betrayal—in short, all sorts of immorality.  We shall create chaos and confusion in state governance. We shall insensibly, but actively and constantly, promote abuse of power by state officials, bribe taking, and unscrupulousness. Honesty and moral rectitude will be ridiculed; nobody will need it, they will become old prejudices. Loutishness and impudence, lies and deceit, alcohol and drug abuse, animal fear of each other, shamelessness, treachery, nationalism and ethnic enmity—all of these we shall smartly and insensibly cultivate and all of this will thrive.  And only a few, a very few people will guess and understand what is happening. But we shall put those people in helpless position, make a mockery of them, find ways to belie them and declare them to be the scum of society... This way we shall shake generation after generation... We shall target people starting from a young age, making focus on the youth; we will demoralize, corrupt and deprave it. We will make cosmopolites of them. We will eradicate the spiritual roots of Bolshevism, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of people’s morality. We will undermine generation after generation, eroding this Leninist fanaticism. We will take people in hand from their childhood, teenage years. We will always make the main focus on youth, we will be vitiating, corrupting, and defiling it. We’ll make them spies and cosmopolitans. That’s how we’ll do it.

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